Barbeques, Deep Dish & Spit Roasts

hog roast

Spit Roasts from £21.95 (£11.95 for an evening event)
There is always a wow factor with a Spit Roast! Many companies nowadays do most of the cooking in their own kitchens and transport the pig partly cooked, only finishing off at the end on site. We have always preferred the traditional method where our staff slowly spit roast the pig for up to 9 hours to ensure the crackling is crispy and the meat is succulent!

Spit roasts care usually served in two ways

  1. As an element of a served, sit down meal where the roast is carved and served on platters on the tables so your guests can help themselves. Accompaniments as above
  2. As an event or evening function where the meat is served in a bap with stuffing, apple sauce and salads

Barbecue Platters from £19.95 per person for three choices
Whilst many of our Barbecues are served informally as a garden party or evening option, we feel that it can also be a great way to eat semi formally as part of a served sit down meal.

We serve the main course as a series of platters that can be shared among the guests, a choice of barbecued meats, vegetables and fish with a choice of three accompaniments. Other options include King Prawn Skewers, Sticky Pork ribs, Seared Tuna, Salmon Steaks, Stuffed Mushrooms and various types of Kebabs! .

Deep Dish from £13.95 per person
These are normally served as an evening meal and can include options such as Thai Green Curry and Chilli - both can be served with rice, breads and salads and include a vegetarian option .

Giant Paella from £19.95 per person including a vegetarian option
Our huge paella dishes sure have the wow factor! They each serve up to 80 main courses or 120 tapas size portions of home made fresh Paella. (we can cater for more by arrangement). All paellas are served with breads and salad and include a vegetarian option. they can either be served to the table or your guests can line up and have it served from the giant pan! NOTE: with an evening Paella we will only cater for 100% of the guests - we would not want to run out!!

We offer a range of options including:-

  • Traditional - £21.95 main course, £13.95 evening - Prawns, chicken, chorizo, fish, mussels, bacon, peppers and onions
  • Meat- £19.95 main course, £12.95 evening - Chicken, chorizo, bacon, peppers, and onion
  • Vegetarian/Vegan - Vegan Quorn, Peppers, Courgettes, Onions, Sweetcorn, Aubergines and Peas