Within our all inclusive packages for 60 guests (including the Bride and Groom) you get:

  • 20 bottles of House Wine (Servin Blanc Red or White or Rose), placed on the table just before the meal
  • 60 Glasses of Bucks Fizz (sparkling wine and orange juice), served after the ceremony with a non alcoholic alternative.
  • 60 glasses of Cava served for the toasts with a non alcoholic alternative
  • We also include Still Water placed on the tables and replenished when necessary

In addition to this each extra guest will receive all of the above pro-rata (i.e. 90 guests will get 30 bottles of wine and 90 of each of the welcome and toast drinks)

Any of the Beverages included in the all inclusive packages can be changed. For some alternatives see below. We are as always, open to your suggestions!

Welcome Drinks
(extra charge pp to upgrade) Cava - £2.75, Prosecco - £3.50, Pimms- £4.00. For extra servings above the all inclusive allocation add £1.50 to all these prices. Extra Bucks fizz are £2.95pp

You can upgrade to any of our other wines by paying the small difference per bottle. For a copy of our current wine list please email us. All our wines are available to taste at our Tasting Evening. We are also happy to sell any of our wines at half price if you wish to purchase some for tasting. Corkage; You can substitute any number of bottles of wine provided in the package with no corkage charge. Any bottles above this are charged at £12.95 per bottle corkage.

Toast Drinks
We offer as included a superb dry Cava which is very good! Upgrades include Prosecco (see above)) and Champagne. Although some venues charge a higher rate for Champagne corkage, we do not (it is £12.95 per bottle, the same as wine) so to be honest it might make more sense financially for you to buy your own Champagne and pay a corkage charge!

Tabs; We are always happy to arrange a tab behind the bar. This can either be paid in cash in advance or on the night by leaving a credit or debit card behind the bar to be collected at the end of the night. The tab can be restricted as you wish (i.e. open, restricted to certain drinks such as beer, wine or soft drinks, or up to a certain amount or between certain times)

Real Ale; We do not stock Real Ales because we might have several days between events and it will not keep. However, we are always happy for you to bring your own which we will serve at a reduced price (normally £3 per pint) to cover glassware/washing/serving etc and return any left over to you at the end of the night! This also applies to any special drinks you would like (beer/spirits etc)

Credit Cards; We accept Cards for all orders over £10 and you may set up a tab for the duration of your visit by leaving a valid card behind the bar to be paid at the end of the night.

Tea and Coffee
Tea and Coffee; Due to pressure of numbers we are unable to serve fresh Tea and Coffee from the bar (although we do sell good quality instant). You may have Fresh Coffee and Tea and mints served to your tables after the meal (£2.99pp) or order an all day and all evening tea and coffee station so your guests can help themselves at any time (great value and highly recommended at £130 inclusive!)

Soft Drinks
Soft Drinks; We can supply soft drinks in jugs on the tables (cost depends upon requirements) or perhaps it is easier to run a small tab at the bar for your guests where soft drinks are priced very reasonably.

Alcoholic favours are not allowed under the terms of our licence. Any alcohol presented as gifts during the wedding must not be consumed on site and we reserve the right to confiscate any alcohol brought on site without permission and ask the owner to leave!